And Wherever You Happen To Be… 

If you are anything like me, you are managing too many things right now. And it is not only you and I, my friend, our society follows in hordes. Sydney statistically has amoung the hardest working employees anywhere in the Western world.

​It turns out that with these amazing gadgets designed to make our lives easier, we are in fact trying to ​do more things​. Add to that the fact that we have supercomputers in our pockets and dozens of screens everywhere we look, and you have the perfect storm for over stimulation and over-functioning. 

​This article is designed to be the antithesis to life in major western cities around the world today. If you are reading this far in, it safe to assume that you are interested in the concept of slowing things down a notch or two. Perhaps you have even tried a few ways, but haven’t quite found the pace that suits you yet. Lets think through some ideas.

  1. Schedule a break. Holidays can be difficult to fit in to life – sometimes we find ourselves having gone for months or even years without an extended holiday. It is crucial to our mental, emotional and physical health that we take a break. Studies found that quality of life improves with at least one holiday lasting at least 7 days per annum.
  2. Mindfulness Time. We know that best practice would have us being mindful for at least 20mins twice daily. The impacts on the brain are innumerable. However I believe the next best thing is what I call Mindfulness Lite where we spend a total of 20 – 40 mins a day being mindful but in smaller chunks. 
  3. Pros and Cons. This one seems basic, but I wonder if we all weighed up the pros and cons of all of the activities which fill up our lives, would we be able to find a few which we could potentially drop? 
  4. Quiet Place. There is too much noise, most of it is fodder. Allow your ears the respite they deserve, and carve out 2 – 5 minutes of silence. Go somewhere, be alone and still and just observe what happens. Your brain will function better, you will become more productive AND potentially less stressed as a result.
  5. Gratitude. ​What can you be truly grateful for today? You are reading this using the internet, on a screen, probably at your own leisure. There are 3 things. What else is happening in your life that you can genuinely soak yourself within? Find out more here.

Gandhi said that “there is more to life than its speed” and I think he was on to something. I wonder if we were always so busy and what we are trying to achieve by doing so much all the time. Our adrenal glands must hate us. If any of the above ideas work for you, try them. There is no time like the now and now is a great time!

All the best,