ABOUT ME Ron Hoang

Ronald is an experienced therapist who has been practicing for nearly a decade, focusing on a wide range of relationships, from pre-marriage to post-separation. His specialization lies in working with couples facing complex relational issues, including infidelity, trauma, and attachment injuries. He also offers his therapeutic services to individuals, couples, children, and families, showcasing a versatile and comprehensive approach to therapy.

Specifically, Ronald has experience as a child consultant in child-inclusive practice, emphasizing the importance of children’s voices being heard in the therapeutic process. This suggests a child-centered approach to his work, ensuring that the needs and perspectives of children are considered and addressed.

His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a postgraduate degree in counseling, which provides a solid foundation for his therapeutic practice. Furthermore, his status as a registered clinical member of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia) reflects his commitment to professional standards and ethical practice.

Ronald’s therapeutic approach involves an integration of the cognitive, emotional, and experiential aspects of therapy. This holistic approach aims to facilitate integrated and lasting change in his clients, acknowledging that effective therapy often requires addressing both thought processes and emotional experiences. His extensive experience and comprehensive approach make him a well-rounded and effective therapist in the realm of relationship counseling.