Lockdown Schmockdown

An Article about how awesome lockdown is… 


Just joking – I am fully aware of how difficult the lockdown has been for the communities who are stuck in it. All of a sudden, without any of our control, choice or power, we are thrust into a situation which we cannot get ourselves out of  Our own individual behaviours doesn’t have any immediate impact on our own immediate lives. This is an article about how we could potentially cope through this situation and even make the most out of it.


The rivers are cleaner, the airways are clearer although as a result of the Coronavirus, humanity is a little less robust. Most of us are experiencing some form of anxiety as a result of the virus – everything from health anxiety, family breakdowns and relationship anxiety, financial anxieties and bigger scale anxieties about the state of the world in years to come. Lockdowns only allow a fertile ground for these anxieties to manifest and kick us in the ass. This is not another article outlining how bad lockdowns are for our mental health – I think we have enough negativity at the moment, for another one of those.

As I sit and meditate on how my clients and the communities I am involved with are managing themselves through lockdown I have noticed something. There are those who are actually thriving in the lockdown situation. There are those (weirdos) amoung us who are using the time to their advantage and I think I know how they are doing it.

  • The virus can really put things into perspective. Maybe we can let go of our patterns and defences a little easier knowing that actually a lot of it doesn’t really matter. Covid has demonstrated again, how despite our best abilities, we cannot cheat death, and actually our lives are fragile, yet profoundly meaningful.
  • Time – it is true that for a lot of us, we have re-found what it feels like to be bored! And actually, it is a good thing. Our brains need to be bored (link) and as a result, we are more able to be creative and find new energies. Of course, it also can help us get on top of our to-do lists and get to all the things we have been putting off all those years.
  • Being lockdown can be empowering as it gives us an opportunity to decide which behaviours we are going to make habits – how are we going to put into practice all the things we say we want to do/be? Now is a great time for us to start that daily meditation practice, get our bodies moving (albeit inside 4 walls) and realise the trajectories which will help us reach our goals.
  • Relationships – YES I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS NOT TO BE WITH PEOPLE but, we can also take stock of how important our relationships really are. We are social creatures and despite everything being thrown at us to stop socialising, we are managing new ways to connect. Lockdown parties, online drinks, zoom homework sessions and virtual workouts are just some of the ways people are adapting to the changes which covid and lockdowns have brought.

The world will literally never be the same. This is now the new world, and you are a part of it. You can decide how you will react to these changes – you may decide to retreat and lament the loses of the old world where things were a lot simpler. Yes change is freakin hard and yes we had no agency in these changes. BUT you may also decide to choose a different path and empower yourself within these worldwide shifts. You really get to choose. Happy tidings!


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