Family Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution

Separation and divorce can be one of the most stressful situations people go through. We simplify and expedite the process for you by creating clear and effective parenting plans and financial agreements which save you the cost and stress of entering the court system.  

Our in house mediation team handle your family dispute resolution process from beginning to end and if both parties agree, can provide you with a parenting plan which can be submitted and registered as legally binding parenting orders. 

We offer our process by phone, video conference or face to face and are able to manage even the most complex parenting plans. Our mediators have been in the industry for over a decade working with all ends of the spectrum to hone their skill.

Child Inclusive Practice

At Ray’s Room, we believe in giving your children a voice. Our mediators and therapists are trained in a specialised form of forensic interviewing which uses developmentally appropriated techniques to gather information which can be presented to you within your mediation process. Recommendations from this process can then be used to create a parenting plan which is not only mutually beneficial to you and your ex-partner, but also your children. 

Our Practice Guarantee

We understand the difficulty of this period in a family’s journey. Each of our mediators are trained and registered with The Attorney General’s department and have in excess of a decade of experience in this field. Our lead mediator, has a law and psychology background and has managed her team as a senior supervisor of Family Dispute Resolution. 

We are a collaborative clinic and have access to therapists as well as mediators – we cater to the needs of the entire family. It is for this reasons that Ray’s Room, can offer a wrap around service to ensure that all your family needs are met through this stage of your life. We find that clients who have therapeutic support alongside mediation have a different experience of mediation and feel better about their outcomes.