ServicesIndividual Counselling


SERVICESIndividual Counselling

Everyone needs someone to talk with. Everyone goes through periods where their normal supports are not effective enough.

At Ray’s Room, we strongly believe that therapeutic support is the most effective form of support and it doesn’t have to be long term.

Ray’s Room has been a place for people to come to talk about a variety of struggles and has treated everything from high anxiety, depression to traumatic experiences. People are complex and therapy needs to be able to respond to that complexity.


  • How long will therapy last?
    This question really depends on each individual person. During the first assessment session, we can talk about your goals and how long they will approximately take. There are no contracts, and you do not NEED to come to therapy if you do not want to. It is entirely client-led. Most clients say they notice small changes beginning immediately after starting a new therapy process.
  • Will it work?
    Again, this really depends on each individual. When clients attempt therapy knowing that it will not be a panacea and that feeling sad, alone, anxious or scared is normal, they can begin to learn how to manage those feelings. Therapy is very effective at helping people manage their emotions and making sense of their emotions.
  • What if I feel uncomfortable?
    You can be 100% open with your therapist. You can tell them exactly what you are thinking and feeling, even if it is about the therapist.
  • How long does a session last?
    A therapeutic hour is actually 50mins! Most sessions will last 1.5hours. You can speak with your therapist about how long you want the session to go for.
  • What about the therapist’s qualifications?
    All therapists at Ray’s Room have a minimum of a Masters qualification and are registered with peak bodies of Australia including The Australian Association of Social Workers or The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Each therapist has a minimum of 10 years experience and are specialists in the field.
  • Are REBATES avaliable?
    YES! Rebates are available through Medicare by obtaining a GP Mental Health Care Plan OR through the following private health care providers;
    1) Medibank Private
    2) Bupa Private
    3) Police Health Fund
    4) Teachers Health FundIf you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Alternatively, if you want to begin the booking process, you can do so online by following this link or by contacting Ray on 0413881272.