New Ways To Work With Bullying

A course aimed at solving an issue which has plagued teachers, parents and therapists alike – how to work effectively with bullying!

​In this course, we explore the true statistics of bullying in Australia, interventions which have worked and those which have failed, and how to implement strategies to cope with the social issues which arise with bullying. We have better information now than ever – with the rise of neurological imagine, we can understand how our brains work when being bullied, or carrying out bullying behaviours. Being a therapist who has worked therapeutically with children in Australia’s school systems for over 10 years, I have seen many different ways of working with bullying – some of which I have seen to be effective, and others not so much. This course can be tailored to suit your needs while still reflecting decades of evidence based practice and useful strategies.

This course suits education professionals, therapists and parents.