Kids who live with two parents in different houses, can sometimes feel like they are living in different worlds. That is exactly what is happening to Rabbit. Every week he has to travel to a different world to see one of his parents. At first at may seem like fun, but rabbit feels so tired having to always pack his things up and remember all the things he needs to bring. He feels so sad and doesn’t know what to do, until one day a discovery is to change his life forever! “One Rabbit, Two Worlds”, is a fun way for kids to explore how to be themselves no matter where they find themselves. It is an important journey for any child who finds themselves split in half, while going between their two parents.

Depending on the age of the child, the story can be used in various different ways.

For parents (talking with kids whose parents are separated);

– The story can be used to explain to kids what separation is, why it happens and why it may have happened in their family.
– Sometimes kids need parental separation to be explained to them many times before they understand the reality and gravity of the issue.
– The story can provide a blame free way for both parents to start conversations with their kids once they have separated.
– The story could be a childs first experience of expressing their thoughts and feelings about the separation.
– The book is a tool to discuss hard things with kids, it is a way to enter into conversations that may be the kinds of conversations that parents often avoid
– Can be a tool that you use many times to remind kids of lessons that they have learnt through the story

For Therapists (working with children from separated families);

– The story can be used to start conversations about separation.
– Can be used to gauge a child’s understanding of their family situation despite their family organisation or particular features of their family.
– Can be a springboard for kids to draw their own story about their separation
– Can be a way to explore how different their parents’ houses are and also explore the child’s experience of being in those two houses (both positive and negative)
– The story may help the child solidify some of the details of their parents separation.
– The story could be a childs first experience of journaling

Particular attention has been given to ensuring the story gender neutral and applicable to a variety of family situations. The illustrations have been designed to be both engaging and thought provoking.

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