What About The Kids?

Understanding the needs of your child during separation from your partner.

This is perhaps one of the harder themes that we broach at Ray’s Room. When we separate from our partner, not only are we affected, but our children are too. It therefore becomes a very difficult juggling act of meeting our own needs and desires, as well as those of our children. We want very much to support you at this point and have a full breadth of understanding of all of the post-separation issues which arise in families including damage to relationships, parental estrangement (link), heightened anxiety (link) and behavioural issues.
Our team aims to ensure that not only are the adults in the family being managed through therapy and mediation, but also the kids. Kids require specialised care and our therapists are both trained and registered with the peak professional body in Australia. Our supervision care ensures that our therapists are always kept abreast of the latest evidence-based methodology of working with children, and are constantly evolving our practice to suit the needs of our clients.
We cater to kids using experiential therapies including sand, symbol, art, and play therapy (link) to meet the developmental needs of your child – this means that no matter the age, we have a way of understanding your child. We can also support your child therapeutically and ensure that the impacts of the separation are mitigated and rectified. We aim to help your child adjust to the massive change in their life while simultaneously managing the impacts of such changes. Our child therapists and consultants are also experienced in collaborating with our mediators to offer Child Inclusive Practice so that your children’s voices are heard and considered in the mediation process.

Common issues which we see in our clinic are;

  • Difficulty settling kids into their new environment
  • Children’s emotional and behavioral challenges
  • Difficulty knowing what to say to kids
  • How to help kids maintain relationships with the non-residential parent
  • How to prevent the kids from seeing or hearing our distress
  • How to avoid kids hearing our anger at the other parent
  • Keeping adult issues away from children
  • Moving away from ex-partner thinking and towards parent thinking

If you find yourself experiencing any of the above, feel free to contact us to talk about the option of therapy and how we can tailor the therapy process to your family needs.

RRT Team

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