Team Ray's Room

Ray Medhora - Child and Family Therapist

Christine Borg - Child and Family Therapist

The founder of Ray’s Room, Ray Medhora works primarily with Children and Families and has been practicing for close to 15 years in Sydney’s lower North Shore. 

Ray also works with all presentations from individuals seeking therapy for depression and anxiety, to couples trying to work through issues together and to families trying to have more peace at home. 

Ray has developed a specialisation working with post-separated families in high conflict and trains the psychological community in the same. Ray has also specialised in working with children and young people, having honed skills working with the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.

Ray believes that there is purpose to life and that we live the life our mind allows us to. Ray also believes you can harness that potential by understanding your mind, body and emotions and their connection.


In her many years as a therapist, Chris has worked with a diverse range of people across a number of clinical settings, including post-separation, young offenders, child protection, education and other abilities. 

An empathic, warm and committed therapist, Chris brings a creative and calming energy to her sessions. Focussing on a person centred, strengths based approach, Chris seeks to incorporate her skills in art and experiential modalities in supporting children, young people and families to work through difficulties and challenges.

Within the therapeutic space, Chris’ goal is to facilitate an open, trusting and safe
relationship to support person’s capacity for self-awareness, decision-making, resilience and integrity.





Introducing ‘Your Wellness Tribe’ – a collective of health professionals dedicated to providing you simple wellness hacks on current issues. We are passionate about educating and enabling you to take control of your life and will be publishing content focused on continuing the dialogue.
The Tribe:

Ray Medhora - Principal Therapist at Ray's Room Therapy

Ray believes strongly in working collaboratively and is excited to bring out new content from YWT. While its early days yet, Ray feels enthusiastic about the ideas which are coming up. Check here for more updates from “Your Wellness Tribe”. 
Lucy is a Mosman based wellness chiropractor. She cares for the whole family (from newborns through to the elderly) with a holistic approach to your needs.
Chiropractic is a physical therapy concerned with the diagnosis, management and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This includes the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health.
The focus is the spinal column and it’s subsequent effect on how the nervous system controls and coordinates the body.
Your brain is your body’s master controller – so how connected is yours?!
From your kids hitting milestones to athletes wanting to perform at their best – Lucy will check your connectivity – and give you her best advice to being the best version of you!
Remember !!
90% of the stimulation of the brain comes from the movement of the spine
— Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize Winner.

Phoebe Haselden - Naturopath at Nutmeg Naturopathy

Phoebe is a Mosman based Naturopath. How can Naturopathy help you? Naturopathy encompasses a number of modalities, particularly herbal medicine and nutrition, to help identify and support acute and chronic illnesses and imbalances within the body. Some of the many areas naturopathy can help you include; skin health, gut health/digestive disturbances, immune health, weight imbalances, hormonal imbalances and the list goes on.
Having her own health challenges in the past, Phoebe knows what it is like to be in a place of dis-eased health. Let’s just say, it isn’t ideal. She has learnt how nutrition, herbal medicine and other holistic principles have the power to help and enable our body and mind to thrive. Phoebe is SO passionate about supporting individuals and helping them take care of their precious health. We must learn to appreciate and love who we are, nourishing ourselves on a daily basis. Helping others add health, happiness, and soul back in to their lives truly makes Phoebe’s heart sing. Each and every one of us is on a different health journey, Phoebe is here to help support, build and energise that journey.