About Renee

Renee began her career as the managing Mediator (FDRP) at a local NGO. She later furthered her training and vocational expertise and was also employed as a child and family therapist and child consultant with the Anchor Program.

Later, Renee trained as an FDR supervisor, and began providing FDR students their placements. Renee was involved with the CIP process as both an FDRP and child consultant. Renee consistently worked collaboratively with colleagues, other professionals and organizations

Renee has experience establishing FDR practice within teams and has found strenght in both mediation, as well as working with children within the family mediation framework.

Renee consistently added to her practice through retraining, offering a more informed and wholistic service to her clients. Renee worked across several locations, offering services to a wide and divergent demographic.
Renee worked in the family violence pilot program, furthering her knowledge of mediation within a DV famiyl.

Renee is a very thorough and organised practitioner. Renee has a very calm persona, allowing effective management of highly conflictual and emotional situations.

Renee works very well with others, including those from diverse backgrounds. Having worked across various locations, Renée has developed effective rapports with clients and colleagues from diverse cultures and communities, including LGBT, religious and cultural backgrounds, different socio economic backgrounds

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