Rays room therapy

Renée has worked in both NGO and private settings throughout her career. Renée has vast experience working with a diverse range of families in the post separation and child protection contexts, from high conflict to culturally diverse families. Renée works effectively and openly with others, including those from diverse backgrounds. Having worked across various locations throughout NSW, Renée has developed effective rapports with clients and colleagues from diverse cultures and communities, including LGBT and different religious, cultural and socio economic backgrounds.
Renée has been appointed to various FDR Panels, most notably Legal Aid’s FDR Panel and Immediation’s Panel of Family Law Experts. Renée is also a member of various professional bodies. For the benefit of her clients, Renée values working collaboratively with other professionals, including solicitors, therapists and child consultants. Renée is passionate about providing families and children with a safe and non-judgmental context in which all parties feel empowered to have a voice and remain child and solution focused. Renée’s unique and complimentary skills set provides her clients with an invaluable and comprehensive service. Her passion for assisting families and children is paramount in all of Renée’s professional dealings and her calm, focused and compassionate approach serves her clients well.
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