Filial Play Therapy (Parent Playtime)

Filial Play Therapy is a specialized approach designed to strengthen the bond between parents and their children. In this therapeutic method, parents actively participate in guided play sessions with their child, facilitated by one of our specialists. The goal is to enhance the parent-child relationship by providing a safe and supportive environment for both to engage in meaningful play.

During Filial Play Therapy, parents learn essential communication and observation skills, gaining insights into their child’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. Through this interactive process, parents develop a deeper understanding of their child’s world, fostering empathy and connection. The shared play experiences create a foundation for improved communication, trust, and emotional well-being within the family. Filial Play Therapy empowers parents to support their child’s emotional development and build a more harmonious family dynamic.

Rays Room – Enriching Relationships Rewards System

Introducing our innovative Positive Behaviour System – a creative and engaging approach to nurturing positive behaviour in kids with a focus on building meaningful relationships. Every time a child exhibits positive behaviour, they earn a ticket, a tangible symbol of their achievements. These tickets are proudly accumulated in a clear jar, visually showcasing the progress they’ve made. Instead of traditional prizes, our rewards are relationship-oriented, fostering connections that matter. From special one-on-one activities with caregivers to shared experiences with family and friends, our system emphasizes the power of positive connections. As the jar fills, so does the child’s sense of accomplishment and the bonds that strengthen their support network. Join us in transforming behaviour management into a journey of growth and connection, one ticket at a time.

Circle of Security

Embark on a transformative journey with the Circle of Security – a powerful framework for therapists seeking to illuminate the depths of attachment theory and guide clients toward secure, nurturing connections. This visual map serves as a compass, unravelling the mysteries of attachment dynamics in a way that is accessible and empowering. Our therapists are trained in The Circle of Security and can collaboratively explore attachment patterns, identify strengths, and work towards building a secure base for emotional exploration. Rooted in compassion and connection, the Circle of Security not only clarifies the intricacies of attachment but becomes a therapeutic tool for fostering resilience and creating lasting bonds that heal. Step into the circle, where understanding transforms into growth, and relationships flourish.