Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy

Rays Room is committed to ensuring a safe and trusted therapeutic environment for you to be a part of. Your privacy is of paramount importance and we ensure that there is no communication to anyone external to the therapeutic process about any of your personal details or conversations within our legal limitations. The limitations to your confidentiality are;
Your information may be subpoenaed by a court.
Failure to disclose information could result in injury to yourself or another person. You prior approval has been obtained to discuss information with another person.
As a mandatory reporter, I am legally obliged to communicate with external parties of any safety risks for children and young people under the age of 16, but I will endeavor to discuss any concerns that are raised with you for the benefit of total transparency.
All conversations had during therapy is inadmissible in the family law court as per The Family Law Act (1975). Therapeutic conversation is protected and where possible, is left out of court proceedings.


While we understand that at times life can get the better of us, it is important to maintain a consistent and dependable therapeutic process. Every booking made is specifically held for you. It is for this reason that any cancellations made within 48 hours of a scheduled session will be billed at one hour of the full session rate. Cancellation payments are made via credit card on the scheduled day of session.

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