Rays Room Therapy is a service dedicated to reaching your long term results. Working from a wide range of therapeutic styles including family therapy and mindfulness, I have developed evidence based methods to work with various presentations.

Rays Room Therapy offers face to face and web based clinical counselling. We provide family, child and generalist therapy. I am a qualified family therapist and have been trained in working with individuals using mindfulness based therapies. My operating hours include weekdays and Saturdays.

Rays Room – Child and Family Therapy offers professional counselling in Sydney’s North Shore in the leafy suburb of Lane Cove. I offer experienced and balanced counselling with extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families. My specialties are working with children and young people, men and families – all of which I have worked with over many years.
I have qualifications in social psychology, relationship counselling and social work and am a member of The Australian Counselling Association as well as The Australian Association for Social Work. 



My specialties and therapeutic background are in child and family counselling and I am a fully qualified relationship counsellor. 

Children experience the world differently to adults. Working in therapy with children is different to working with adults and requires specialised training and supervision – both of which I have in addition to 10 years of specialty work in the field. I have worked with kids of all ages with a variety of presentations including youth with separated family specific themes, presentations of anxiety, suicidal ideation, disability and carer specific themes and juvenile justice.  

I have been trained in working with families and have seen families from every background with every issue. In my experience family therapy can be a powerful way to learn about one another, improve communication and work on issues within the family.

Part of being a therapist is being exposed to trauma. I employ skills and interventions such as ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’, ‘ Exposure Therapy’, and ‘Radical Exposure Tapping’ and have helped clients process their traumatic experiences to the point where they are no longer distressing or intrusive.

We can work together on men’s matters, relationship difficulties, career transitions, feelings of depression or anxiety and anything else that comes up. I work with YOUR experience and work with crisis as well as thoughtful conversation.