Post Separation Family Therapy and Mediation



Post-Separation Family Therapy

  1. High Conflict Families – Families who are not able to manage conflict post-separation, who are often unable to resolve issues directly. Includes families who are currently going through the family court or who have been through the family court.
    • RRT can do direct
    • Apply forms of indirect communication using our of our parent coaches/family therapists as a conduit via email or through therapeutic intervention
    • Support families where one parent is not seeing one of their children
Breakup marriage couple with divorce certification

Family Therapy and Mediation

What is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)?

Family Dispute Resolution, or FDR as it is more commonly called, is a niche and specialised form of mediation specific to separated families which deals with children’s matters and/or financial matters. The independent Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) facilitates your mediation in an impartial and non-judgemental manner. Through FDR, families affected by separation are able to narrow their disputed issues, discuss and generate possible outcomes for their family, and ultimately reach agreements to move forward with. Based on the premise that all families are unique and are best suited to making decisions for family, the FDRP will guide your session/s, however will not give legal advice or impose outcomes on the family.