SERVICESChild Therapy

The Child and Youth Therapy Service at Ray’s Room is dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized therapeutic support for children and adolescents facing a range of emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges.

SERVICESFamily Therapy

Systemic ​Family Therapy is widely regarded as the ultimate therapy configuration, where working with family relationships. When trying to work through family relationship issues, behavioural issues, difficulties or when trying to create more harmony within a family, therapeutic processes have been demonstrated to be the most effective and universally utilised form of healing.

SERVICESIndividual Therapy

Individual therapy is clinically supported to be the most effective way to manage mental health issues including over anxiousness and depression. We all have our feelings for a reason and they are not to be judged or eradicated, rather, we need to know how to manage our feelings in order to find contentment and happiness.

SERVICESCouples Therapy

At Rays Room, we understand the invaluable benefits that couples can gain from therapeutic support in strengthening their bonds and effectively navigating challenging times. Our unwavering commitment lies in assisting you in resolving conflicts, enhancing communication, and fostering a deeper emotional connection within your relationship.

SERVICESClinical Supervision

Ray Medhora offers clinical supervision to child and family therapists and social workers alike. to benefit from Ray’s experience, contact us and find out more!

SERVICESTraining And Adult Education

Ray and The Team offer a range of training packages which can be tailored to meet the needs of your team. Contact us to find out more!