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Most people have heard of family therapy by now, but do you really know what happens in session? Allow me to explain what Family Therapy is, why it is useful and how it may work for you! Family Therapy, is the art of understanding relationships and patterns that exist within some of the most complex relationship circles which exist on earth… the family circle!

As a family therapist, it is my job to understand each family member’s perspective and how they arrived at this position. I do not take sides or place blame – that will never work and will not be useful for a family.

Will You Get Advice?
Short answer – no. As a family therapist, I will not give you advice or solve your problem – I have found in the past that this is a short term solution to an often long term issue. Instead, I help you and the family arrive at the best possible answer for you. Sometimes that means compromise and other times it means family members coming up with solutions of their own.

Who Can Come To The Meeting?
I usually ask that anyone living in the household attend sessions, especially when the issue concerns them. This is not always possible, and in those cases, family therapy is still possible and we will include all necessary family members in our discussion and thinking. I am also interested in anyone who may provide useful insights into the problem and although we call it family therapy, it is not always family members who attend.

How Long Does This Last?
It is not possible to say how many sessions you will need in therapy although it is not unusual to have at least few sessions to sort things out in a family – some families require longer-term processes. It really depends on what the family are interested in. Each session lasts either an hour or an hour and a half depending on the issue and the size of the family.

What Sort Of Issues Are Discussed?
Often we talk about any relationship problems – too much closeness or distance within relationships, problem behaviours of any of the family member, suicidality of a child, any traumatic event including family separation, family violence or accidents. Many of the cases we see are about changes in a family which may be causing distress.

How Do I know If This Will Work?
It is important to see a qualified and experienced therapist, especially when you are entrusting them with your personal information. I pride myself on my ability to connect with people from every background and on any issue. Through the years I have seen so many presentations that very little surprises me. I offer a phone conversation before any sessions begin for you to get to know me a little, know my personality and my style of working. Then you have the choice about if you want to continue.

Family Therapy and Family Counselling has been demonstrated to have huge positive results for families who are trying to cope with distress in the relationship.  I have personally worked with families who felt hopeless when they started therapy, only to begin seeing change within the space of a few sessions.

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